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April 22, 2007

A Quote From The Daily Motivator, Ralph Marston

Life is now.
Stop waiting for your opportunity to fully live and realize that it is already here.

Perhaps you have always thought that someday you will follow your dreams.
The fact is, someday has now arrived.
Your authentic purpose is calling out to you.
Now is the time to be fulfilling that purpose.
Go now in the direction you've always known you must go.
Allow the unique and beautiful person you are to come fully to life.
Let go of the excuses and rationalizations that keep you mired in disappointment and frustration.
Move quickly forward by continually reminding yourself of why you are doing so.

This is the moment for bold, yet sincere action.
Someday is here, and the richness of life is now yours to experience.

~Ralph Marston

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