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Psychic Scams

Avoid Psychic Scams, Fraud And Con Artists by Violet Aura

In just about every industry there are opportunists ready and waiting to take advantage of what people are willing to pay for a service or product. By being aware of the scams out there related to consulting with a psychic for readings or advice, you are more likely to steer clear of the con artists. In many cases, money that victims of scams have reported to have lost cannot be recovered.

Most psychics for hire will have a professional code of ethics by which they govern themselves. Often this information is shared with you on their personal website, their biography or ad profile. It discloses the values that are important to them when providing services and outlines their responsibilities as a service provider. It delivers a message about what you can expect and what you are responsible for as a recipient of their service.
Their ethical code should read in such a way that it is sincere, gives empowerment to the client and to the reader, and gives honor and respect to the work that they do.

The better con artists will produce a code of ethics that includes most of those items. If you are unsure or something doesn’t feel right, next take a look at the fees they are charging for the services they provide.
Service rates for readings are most commonly quoted at a flat rate by the hour, or by the minute. If the costs are vague or need to be determined on a “case-by-case” basis, look elsewhere. Fees that are extraordinarily high are also a sign to look out for.

While price and affordability is subjective, rates that are exclusive to only the most wealthy or most desperate to find help, is out of line with any genuine code of ethics. Use your judgment. Rates that are severe suggest that you will be spending up to thousands of dollars per hour for a consultation or other services, and it does not guarantee greater accuracy or better results, even if they claim it does.

Speaking of accuracy, anyone claiming to have 100% accuracy is not 100% accurate. This is a sales pitch. Psychics registered with the government that do police and other federal agency work go through a series of battery tests to have their abilities verified and cannot even make this claim. Be wary of it. The person you are dealing with may in fact be very good, but they are not 100% accurate.

Spell casting, black magick and hex removal services are a heavily debated topic. Whether or not you believe their use or application will produce a result, most psychic reading agencies forbid the marketing of such services and have deemed them to be a scam.

One of the most unscrupulous scams out there is a subtle one. Unfortunately, both psychics and non-psychics participate in this type of scam. These scam artists prey on the emotions of people who are feeling lost and confused, desperate, or feel that they are in a desperate situation. It involves probing to find an area of your life or a memory that brings up your worst fears.

Once they have determined their victim will do just about anything to get rid of the emotional pain, they begin to counsel them in such a way that creates emotional dependence. The scam artist will continue assuring their victim that things are on the road to getting better while also professing to have visions of the future that often look hopeless or continue to sound frightening. The victim will continue spending money, becoming dependent on their psychic to tell them what to do next to make sure their situation is fixed. The victim may be advised that paying additional fees will help fix their broken karma, or be told to make multiple appointments within very short periods of time to warn you of any changes or other bad things that they might see.

If a psychic reveals a future to you that is riddled with terrible things happening and it seems like there is no end to the drama, the psychic is pulling a scam. They may refer you to visit with a “psychic specialist” that deals with removing curses and whose consultation rates cost yet, more money.
A psychic doing business ethically will suggest avenues for you to explore if you claim to be suffering from depression or have other physical or psychological conditions including insomnia, stress and anxiety that have gone untreated. They do not make diagnoses, write prescriptions for medications, and are not to interfere with a licensed physician’s care.  The ethical psychic does not give specific legal, financial or tax advice. Nor will they ask for your bank account information to get a better feel for reading your financial forecasts or offer to sell you winning lottery numbers.

Other types of scams out there, too numerous to list - are baiting people every day. Use common sense and your own intuitive wisdom to determine if the person you plan to do business with is legitimate. Search for testimonials, feedback, browse the fraud reporting sites, and look for other psychic scams that you may be vulnerable to that aren’t listed here. Victims of scams are advised to contact their local law enforcement agency and the Better Business Bureau to report any incident.

On a more positive note, professional, ethical, genuine psychics are not difficult to find. Many make themselves available through agencies, networks, and can easily be located on the web. Many reputable agencies require that applicants wanting to do psychic-related work go through a screening process to validate that their talents are legitimate.

At the end of a live psychic reading session, you as a client should feel you have participated in something productive and meaningful, even if the messages you received during your reading aren’t what you had hoped. If you feel that something is amiss or you leave a session feeling ripped-off, worse-off or even frightened, do not continue to do business with the same psychic reader.

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