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July 11, 2011

Blessings to Heal You - Grief, Loss, Bereavement, Lost Love

I set up a reiki altar for love and forgiveness earlier last week and took photos of the rainbows and purple aura flares coming from the plain wax candles. This is for everyone everywhere who wishes to amplify the love in their life, or fill the space of love lost to move on.

I send blessings of love to those who feel alone and blessings of comfort to those who feel deep sadness. I am wishing you peace and healing.

If your heart feels wounded, torn or empty, I ask that the space be filled with the light of the Divine to help you to heal and give you strength so that you may feel whole again.

I ask that the burden of your sorrows be lifted and cleansed away so that you may feel the warm light of love, support and comfort sitting on your skin.

I beg to summon Mercy to arrive for those who feel tortured and ask that this will ease the mind of any anguish, stress and confusion.

For those who feel lost I shine light on you to brightly illuminate the way to sanctuary, and a sacred space to welcome you.

There is no punishment to face here. For your journey, it is time to grow and time to focus on healing.

I  share from my heart to yours; encouragement to heal and move forward. I invoke sending massive healing heart energy to those despairing and in need of a friend to talk to.

May you know you have freedom. May you feel peace. May you have comfort and rest well.

Know that you are loved and thought of by someone who heals and someone who cares for the well-being of another human being.

Be relieved of worry and receive tranquility.



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