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July 1, 2011

Love & Relationships Oracle Forecast July 2011

July Holds Energies of Needing to Fine Tune Attitudes Towards Relationships

Out with the old, in with the new! Old habits, old thoughts and knowing your role in the partnership is the theme of July’s relationship vibration. Energies circling around who wants to be right and who gets to be the Alpha become especially burning issues.

With the new moon and eclipse going on at the first day of July, emotional energy; especially around ego, are heavily in flux. You both may have ideas about how to go about certain things and each of you wants those things be done your way.

Issues that have been sitting and things which need ironing-out need to be handled. Ignoring what needs attention will leave the relationship stale and may leave you feeling stuck. This can easily have things go south and continue spiraling in that direction if not addressed.

This month of July conveniently, is about course-correction. In June, energies flowed around celebrating and appreciating how far things have come, and now in the seventh month, it is the time for planning, definition and putting new ideas to action to keep moving forward.

It is time for each person to define what specific things give the relationship its greatness and identify where it can use some work. It is time to make agreements about how you can do more of a few things for your partner, and learn what you can stand to do less of.

Brainstorming it all out is exactly the way to get the boat sailing. Hop in and ride the issues out to work on together. One way to assist each other is to list out what needs attention, and then list out what the possible solutions are.

This time of laying some things out on the table is not to position yourself to be the one in control, be right or be demanding, but to grow out of those tendencies and become familiar again with proactively making compromise and actively cooperating.

Stay centered on the solutions. Do not ruminate on the problems. Do not talk about the obstacles and get into details about them. Do not talk about what will not work or was has not worked in the past. The energy to flow with, is to get deep into the details of how to mend, where to compromise, and look at things from a different perspective.

The month of July is filled with potential healing. A lot of work can get done when you have a plan and this is the month to put a plan together. In the moments that don’t seem a plan will work out and emotions get heated, remember to feel the love that is driving that emotional passion. Keep your relationship goals in mind and get active to tackle them, not each other. :)

Blessings of harmony and joy,


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