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Psychic Readings

How to Make the Most of Your Psychic Reading by Violet Aura

Whether you are getting a psychic reading, aura  reading,  asking for general counseling, spiritual guidance, or are  having tarot cards or  your horoscope profile interpreted for you, many  advisors that provide quality personalized  service will request that  some preparation be done on your part for you to make  the most of your  session before it begins.

Before making contact with a psychic advisor, have  specific  questions prepared for each area of your life that you are  looking to have read  for you. When you are specific, this allows your advisor to  isolate  that path of your life, examine where it appears to be leading  to, and report their  insight to you.

The list below illustrates some specific areas of life that  clients will often have read for them:

·Love &Relationships
·Money & Financial Matters
·Health & Diet
·Physical Location/Relocation
·General Life Path

For general life path readings, focus is centered on  what  processes are currently in motion, and what you need to know to  give more  structure and purpose to their direction at the present time.

When you contact an advisor, settle yourself into a  space  that is tranquil and free of distractions. Allow for the upcoming  moments to be  about you and for you. The conversation that you will be  participating in is  important, confidential and deserves undivided  attention. This time is for  concentrating on your life, and giving  honor and respect to what you and the  Universe as partners have in  store to create.

Once your reading begins, it is important to let your   thoughts and feelings flow freely, and allow your mind and heart to be  open to  hearing about what is possible for your life.

As an advisor and counselor, it is important for me  to make  a connection with you that reciprocates openness, objectivity,  and a feeling of  trust and security. Many advisors will suggest that  you take a few moments to  relax and let go of any strong emotional  tensions you might have before you  begin a session with them.

Connecting with an advisor for psychic advice when  you are  feeling panicked or emotionally out of control produces results  for your  reading that are likely to be substantially less definitive.  This kind of  energy spinning wildly will hinder most readers from being  able to make  predictions for you with any kind of real accuracy.

If you are feeling emotionally drained and are  looking to  receive guidance counseling and support, a conscientious  advisor will be there  for you in your time of need. Just have a clear  understanding that the service  you receive at that time is likely to not  include, and responsibly should not include, any predictions connected  to your  current circumstance until your emotions reach a more balanced  state.

During your reading you have the option to take  notes. I  recommend noting the things that you would like to reflect on  after your  reading has come to a close, and continuing to make  notations of the highlights  of your reading afterward.

Please know that continuously noting all that is said  to you  while the messages are channeling, takes your actively flowing  energy out of  the present and directs it to the past. You might find in  such a case that your  advisor may keep bringing up the past, repeating  what was just said, they may lose sight  of your topic or question, or  feel the need to ask for histories if energy on  the past continues to  override or overwhelm the channel that reveals your  future.

Find balance with how much you need to take note of,  and as  much as possible, keep your awareness in the present. If you are  fully engaged,  you will remember what was said and be able to write it  down at the close of  your reading.

Lastly, the divine light of the messages that are  brought to  you are ultimately for you to work with. If you hear that  something is coming  to you and it rings in your heart as something you  must have, pursue it and  make it so. If you find that there is  something headed your direction that you do  not find exciting or  favorable, take action to walk a different path. Remember  that your  future is not set in stone and you have the ability to shift things  and  cause them to move in a different direction to create a different  result.

Making the most of your reading doesn’t require much  more  than setting aside time and space to be with the topics that are  important to  you. Be open to what is possible; be willing to put effort  into the things you  want to make happen, and be willing to eliminate  the things from your life that  you wish to part with.

Your advisor is there to present a message to you,  and possibly  guide you and present avenues to help you with achieving  what it is you desire.  If you have spent quality time preparing for  your reading, in return the wisdom  and truth that presents itself to  you during your reading will shine brightly.

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