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June 30, 2011

Soulmate Connection & Soulmate Vibration Readings

The Aura of Someone In a Relationship – Details

Aura colors that romantic couples have in common can reveal their shared desires, goals and other experiences they have accomplished together. Observing the tones in a human aura allows an aura reader like myself to be able to project a relationship's future.

I have been blessed with the experience of delivering nearly two-thousand aura and oracle readings to clients with inquiries about soulmate relationships. It is truly divine to view the collision of colors between two people in love.

Here are some observations I have witnessed in aura fields of someone in a relationship:

· During the courting stage, the aura colors between two lovers are naturally different and will show each person has been working on their own personal agendas before coming together.

· Soulmates who are emotionally and spiritually close and who are working together in a healthy way, display not only the same aura colors, but have energy patterns or textures at the end of their aura fields that serve as a protective lining. In some cases, people in love – especially long-time lovers in well-seasoned relationships will have auras so similar they are practically mirror images of each other.

· Synergy is especially visible in couples during special events such as a honeymoon vacation or extended projects such as overhauling a backyard garden and tackling similar home improvements together by hand.

At the end of a psychic aura reading for love and relationships, there are occasions when a client is looking for additional guidance outside of what I see on my own. In those cases, I call upon a tried-and-true oracle deck that speaks loudly and clearly to me about processes, progression and tides of change within the light of a relationship.

The card deck I use for soulmate relationships has read for over a thousand clients who ask for channeled healing and blessings.  Information About This Card Deck: Click Here


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