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June 25, 2011

The Art of Navigating to a Beautiful Reality


How can we get closer to having a more rich experience of happiness and receive good fortune more frequently? Want less obstacles and less frustration to deal with?

If life seems like it is working against you or is out to get you, it is perfectly natural to be frustrated, angry and feel resentful. Our responses to harsh downpours of negativity are not pretty, but will persist as a real part of the human experience.

Our minds need to be relieved of anxiety and feelings of oppression. We look to friends for encouragement and partner with them to help guide us through struggles. Through fond and faithful relationships we heal.
You can evolve your world into an extraordinary place.  It generates greater prosperity, less frustration and at the same time develops positive personal esteem.
An approach to put the wheels in motion and achieve more gratification is to reassess one of our most important relationships.

Rather than think of life’s less-favorable developments as a ball and chain withholding you from making progress; or rather than carry the weight of your struggles solely on your own shoulders, only to end up feeling hopeless, helpless or even hateful; take on a partner. Make the Universe your ally.

The world - the Universe, is not against you. It has nothing to punish you for and is not your enemy. In fact, the Universe; made of pure vitality, is positively your best friend. It has been with you each day of your life; at your side every step of the way as your companion. It will not leave you no matter what you do.

Forging a solid and reciprocating exchange with the powers that be can plausibly be the most important spiritual bond a person will ever make. It is often explained as “being in harmony” or “being in tune.” We probably never stopped to think about this energetic affiliation as symbiosis, but it best describes this profoundly essential relationship.

photo: anunquietmind.tumblr.comDecide to approach life by becoming more intimate with this extraordinary vital force of energy and the rewards are glorious. When all available energies are aligned, the inherent goodness in everything is perfectly illuminated.
Travelling through life is smooth and more joyful. Manifestations arrive unexpectedly faster and better than our expectations had us believe.
To help enhance this relationship, the process surprisingly only requires being considerate to start.
We give consideration to friends, family and co-workers. Give consideration to the world you are about to adventure in to.
It is a selfless and affectionate first step which creates strong foundations in partnerships of all types. When is the last time you said hello to the day? Gave compliment to the clouds in the sky or the purple color in the sunset?

As we are gentle with our friends and family whom we cherish, be gentle to your own self. Communicate words that are kind and come from the best in you. Speak to yourself and speak about yourself in a manner which brings honor to who you are; just as you would do to honor a person that you love.

When you speak of life or the world, make no room to be verbally abusive. Innocence and Well-being become caught in the crossfire of the curses and damnations. Nurture your space as you would nurture your friendships - with healthy, honest communication, love, respect, support, and gratitude. All of a sudden, your old friend – your Universe - will begin to shower you with the most amazing gifts.

Consideration and being considerate is one small to-do that will produce fantastic payoffs holistically, when invoked. You are a co-creator on a journey to channel abundance and manifest it here. It is an art that takes practice and commitment to do well. The human experience is meant to be joyful and exhilarating. By creating an alliance with the supreme creative force and flowing with it, you will encounter a blissful and prosperous reality.

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