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June 16, 2011

Assorted Spiritual Mind Candy

Delectable Thoughts To Tantalize the Spirit and Raise Personal Vibration

Wouldn't it be great to have a spiritual candy jar to reach into and know what we take from it will get us closer to enjoying our true divine nature? Here I share from my candy jar.

With an arsenal of assorted spiritual mind-candies readily available, you can take charge of your thoughts and focus them in a direction that is more soothing, peaceful and productive. Today’s assortment offers encouraging options to help achieve emotional freedom when stress bears down.


Go with some basics:

  • Come back to the realization that life is supposed to feel good.

You are not here on Earth to ruminate extensively over what was lost or what could have been ‘if only’. Every minute that is spent thinking about harsh memories from the past becomes another minute of happiness that is sacrificed and lost! When you realize your line of thinking is not serving you to help you feel good, get off of that train immediately and move on to something else.

  • Have an affirmation or mantra ready to invoke for when stress becomes triggered.

Mantras and affirmations are thoughtful and transformative words and/or dynamic phrases. They reflect the Greatness we inherently hold within ourselves. When stress is triggered and negative thoughts begin to enter our stream of consciousness, mantras and affirmations are repeated over and over again until feelings of stress and tension are melted away. Examples: “I remain at peace and let love in to be my guide”, and “I am empowered. My best is good enough and that is what matters now.” Custom-create a few mantras that reflect the best of your capabilities and use them so often the thoughts become habits.

  • Break away from dirty space and take a “Light” shower.

A shower? What I mean here is; mentally rinse the area with Divine Light. Whatever space any negativity is rooting from, physically step at least ten feet away from the location if you can. If possible, take a momentary break and leave the area entirely. Picture yourself hosing it down, scrubbing it, bleaching it and blessing it with Light. Shower yourself in it too! Shine up and glow with such pure, bright, white light, your mind’s eye goes blind! You do not need to immediately feel cleansed. Simply know that you are. (Then follow up with some mantras!)


Next, promote yourself and begin to raise your personal vibration:

  • Be choosy about your intellectual accoutrements

Do you ever get fussy about the clothes you choose to wear day-in and day-out in the world? If your thoughts were like a wardrobe complete with all kinds of accessories, what ensembles are you hauling around with you, ready to slip in to?  If you become more selective about what thoughts you allow your mind to run around “wearing”, before long you realize it is a waste of time to try on stuff that is not attractive and does not fit.

Toss the worn out, uncomfortable, stifling and broken-down ideas. Let your imagination give rise to a cerebral fashion show. Let your thoughts dress up the You that is hip and cheerful, warm-fuzzy, breathtaking or soft and luxurious! There is an endless inventory of thoughts to choose from.


  • You are an ambassador for human kindness and compassion. Act accordingly.

Anyone under the light of scrutiny; a work supervisor, a celebrity, a member of the royal family or other public figure worthy of admiration, projects themselves as an ambassador for their cause. Many understand that the extension of their thoughts and actions reaches up to billions of people around the world. This shapes the way they speak and behave.

Imagine it is the case that your words, actions and behaviors will be broadcast and witnessed by billions of people, including children, over the course of each day. Act accordingly. Your world is indeed watching and learning from you. Be an ambassador for human kindness and compassion. You will gripe and complain less and experience love and gratitude more often.


  • See with the eyes of the Universe.

Made of pure love, pure intention and wanting the best for you on your journey, the Universe is your loyal companion. As you walk around with your companion you reciprocate giving and taking. Do not demand that you go here or there without consideration for where your companion might want to go once in a while.

You drive; leading the way to go places, see and experience things. You must respect that the Universe has plans and a direction and wants to show you things, too. Trust. Go with the flow. It wants what you want, supports you and directs you. See through its eyes. When you are in tune with this other perspective, you see loving, delicate treasures and learn to have a relationship with your world that flows well.


Results: Enjoy consistent benefits of progressive manifestation:

Often enough we have a tendency to sit around and dig into the muddy, neglected emotional dark reaches of the mind. We go to those places not intending to fix or resolve any issues but to dwell on how we couldn’t have been more wronged, let down or just plain victimized. Events we experience may be stressful or painful, but these thoughts do not have to be consuming. We have the power within us to recognize when negative thoughts have gone out of control.

We manifest from the thoughts we nurture in our minds. Continue to water seeds of love and love will grow. With frustration grows more frustration. With fear and worry we only manifest more to fear and create even more problems.

The former exercises empower, enlighten and support our Spirit to enjoy a greater sense of well-being. They provide a way to achieve a more open and flowing line of communication with our higher consciousness. This allows us to see the true vision of all that is possible and manifests all the goodness we are truly meant to enjoy.


postcard-lotus Namaste,



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