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May 5, 2007

The Relationship of Your Future - When? How? Why?

The mystery future relationship that you are looking forward to - When is this person supposed to arrive? The person that will sweep you off of your feet and make your heart flutter, and will have you losing sleep thinking about all of the wonderful things you'd like to share.

No really...when is this person going to show up? Why is it taking so long? I'd like to propose to those of you who are in good spirits consistently... it's right around the corner. For others experiencing some struggles, it may take a little bit longer.

Do not despair. There is more than enough love in the world for everyone. Including you. Have faith, be open, and please read on...

It's only a matter of time that love will cross your path the way you have dreamed it to be, and quite frankly, it's really a matter of when you want to create it. How is this?

Dear Spirits,

Reflect back at the times in your life when you achieved something you really wanted, and it was so important to you that failure was not an option. Everything; no matter what the struggle, was not as important as achieving what you set out to do. And you did it. You created it. It was in your hands all along. EXCELLENT WORK!

What the message here is, is that anything you want to achieve is not going to be handed to you. It is up to you to create it. If it is love that you want in your life, there are some things that need to be put into play for the process of magnetizing this perfect person into the material world to begin. Stop dreaming about it. Get clear that this is what you really want and make it happen. How?

If you are focusing on your career, if you are focusing on paying bills, keeping the house clean, taking care of your children or family, and you have little focus or attention towards creating a relationship except hoping that one will just fall out of the sky, the probability that you will succeed to even see a potential relationship if it was staring you in the face, is quite minimal.

If making room for a relationship is what you do in your spare time after everything else during the day, it will remain the minimum priority that you have placed on it. A minimum priority is what you have made it. It is the signal you are sending out to the universe, based on your actions, and based on the results: "It is not my priority". You might call it a priority, but when it's at the bottom of your priority list, you can expect that it will arrive later than sooner.

If you are sitting behind a desk, dreaming, hoping and praying for love to come into your life, is it possible that it might be a bit delayed until you get outdoors to see what potential is out there? If your heart is still aching over a relationship that is gone, you cannot move forward until you let go.

Getting out and making it happen because you want it to happen, because you say so, is the way that it works. Not only for love, but for most anything in life.

What it takes to create a relationship is to make doing it a priority, and to be clear that it is what you want.

Many times when I look into the future for others and let them know when love is on the way, many times if it isn't right away, or if it isn't on their own terms, the response is, "never mind".

While I make no judgments as to the choices that a person makes for their own life, I do want to put a gentle reminder out there, that a case such as this where conditions are placed on a relationship that doesn't exist yet, it sets off some red flags about longevity.

If love has to be on your terms, just what else is this person that you want to love going to have to go through, to feel accepted, loved and feel safe to move forward and create some emotional depth and attachment once there is some chemistry there?

It may sound like a stretch, but hear me; maintaining the attitude that it has to be your way or no way at all, is something that will carry over into the relationship...and it hasn't even started! You think you are ready but love knows no bounds. You're not ready if it has to be your way or the highway, or you'll be dissatisfied.

Do not mistake that I'm saying you shouldn't have what you want. The qualities of a person are important and by all means, be clear about what qualities you are looking for. However, if you are putting limitations on how to love or how someone else can love you, that is a whole different ball of wax.

So how do you do it? How do you give this dream of yours to attract the most perfect person, your perfect attention, and be assured that they will be the right kind of person for you? Let's not magnetize a needy, emotionally unstable, relationship here;

The successful relationship/people-magnet does these things:


  • They are their own source of happiness.

Relying on another person to create happiness for you, or expecting that a person will come into your life to make life happy makes you needy. It places unreasonable expectations on another person because what it takes for them to make you happy is conditional.

Be your own source of happiness. It is not until you can create happiness for yourself that you will be able to enhance the happiness of someone else's life genuinely. Why give the person you say you want to love less than the best. Is it being fair?

  • They radiate the best qualities of themselves outward, in-turn magnetizing or bringing out the best in others.

Confidence, self assurance, vitality, giving and acceptance, compassion, patience, clarity --These are qualities that, when you are whole with them and you radiate those feelings within yourself outward consistently, it will attract 'like'.

Operating from the best within you and allowing it to connect with the best that is within someone else, is part of the process of creating and expanding in a direction that has more depth and dimension. When you operate and move through the world as one with doing and being at your very best, this comes back to you in ways that you may have never thought could be...such as attracting the perfect mate.

  • It is a priority to create a foundation for the good expected to come.

Make room for the relationship before it happens. Be prepared and expect the unexpected. Expectant mothers make room for the relationship of their unborn children in too many ways to list, but in the best cases, before that relationship is even bonded, room has been made for it to exist successfully. There is preparation involved.

This means, take care of yourself. Get your own priorities straight. Do things that generate and nurture the relationship with yourself, your esteem, your goals. Set yourself up to win so that when this relationship comes to you, all things are in order, and the love that you want to make a priority remains a priority. Make space for it. The rest is managed. The other way around, when you are placing priority on your career and other things, and then managing your love life -- that doesn't work, and it isn't fair.

Does this all sound like too much work? That comes with a relationship, too. Working at it... Are you really ready or do you just think you are?

So what do you really want. Really? Actions speak louder than words, and the measurement of success is based on the results. Take the relationship of your future: you can make it as great as you set it up to be.

Decide to take active steps and place priority and focus in this area to put the wheels in motion and you will make it not only wonderful for you, but wonderful and fair for the other person. Do not allow another person to settle for less quality than you would hope for yourself. Be great, shine, and just make it happen!

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