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June 15, 2011

Full Eclipse of the Moon Tarot Snapshot Reading

A tarot card pull for the day of June 15th, 2011 shows the eclipse of the full moon and our admiration of it as we witness the event.

A snapshot tarot reading is a method of viewing the cards as a pictorial storybook, allowing the energy and meaning of the cards to shift to a different and non-traditional understanding than the sometimes more rigid and basic tarot meanings.

In the case of this layout, the cards were shuffled, cut, and a request was made of them to reveal what today has looked like for people who have been in tune with the scheduled lunar event. The cards were then turned.

The Wheel of Fortune in the center represents the “red” moon noted as the spectacular observation for this rare lunar eclipse.

Underneath the wheel we see the Two of Pentacles. Often this card is read to mean the juggling of multiple tasks. In the image we see a green band in the shape of a lemniscate, holding this event together in a controlled and synchronized manner. The heavenly bodies Earth and Sun cross paths with one another in the course of this celestial dance.  The high tide of rolling waters in the card in this case is also representative of the full moon.

From West to East as the Earth turns, The Page of Wands and Queen of Cups represent our observation and admiration of the lunar eclipse from two perspectives; as the eclipse began, and as it came to be completed. Energies spin around the meaning of our journey. Purpose and reason come to question, if only for a moment. We look beyond and look within.

The Four of Swords  above all of the cards represents the energies of the mental realm. This indicates inner focus, meditation or; being in tune and having faith. For many it is a time of emotional reflection, contemplation and new beginnings. Our intuitive nature is at peak.

Off to the right, the fifth card pulled emerges as our mid-month guide and assists us with where to direct our focus and how to proceed until the next month begins. The card is the Seven of Pentacles.

It advises us that for the rest of this month: stop and enjoy what we have created for ourselves. With our endeavors, celebrate the process. There is still more work to do, with more benefits to come!

Love, light and sparkling moonbeams!


Snapshot concept and inspiration from "The Back in Time Tarot Book" available at  JanetBoyer.com

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