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August 1, 2011

Love & Relationships Oracle Forecast August 2011

Balancing the Polarities of August Relationship Energy

Mercury goes into retrograde August 3rd which can kick this month’s relationship energies into emotionally high gears right out of the gate. This energy coupled with a full moon on the approach on the thirteenth of this month, brings the potential for tidal waves of emotional flare-ups and frustration to get out of hand quickly. In the short-term it just may have everyone running for higher ground! Alas, being aware can make all of the difference.

Instead of running for the hills and avoiding potential explosions and disagreements, the lesson of this month’s oracle forecast speaks just the opposite, and that is; to practice patience, learn balance and find common ground.

This coming month shows two extremes of patience and impatience, balance and chaos. In romantic relationships, this polarity holds potential to cause relationship associations to turn into “good-guy / bad-guy” where each person thinks the other person is a perpetrator, and each person also sees themself as being the victim of the other person’s attitude.

It is important this August to keep awareness on what helps the good as a whole, and not just good for one’s own self. When a couple is each working from this very important place of giving attention and acknowledgement to the other person and is also about being all about the other person, a much more gentle balance with communication can be achieved.

As the cosmic torch is passed to Leo later this month, we are reminded of what we need to be more loyal to and to sit consciously with our courage and strength to get through difficult times. Our time and personally committing words come to light:  “Do I say what I mean, and do I mean what I say? Am I keeping my promises no matter how big or small? Where am I giving off mixed messages and not being clear?” This phase does not mean to be demanding about what you want or need. It means it is time to not be tip-toe-ing around certain things to get results without wasting any further time.

Other more subtle energies of this month include being more confident about decision-making. Do not just stick a toe in the water when it comes to setting appointments or scheduling dates and meetings. Assertion to commit and jump in with both feet to be productive and cause forward-positive movement are energies eagerly awaiting to be grounded into reality, They will not appreciate being left to be hanging up in the air.

With the Mercury retrograde beginning this month the goal is to avoid silly disasters. Tempers do not need to go as far as they may. Patience will indeed be a virtue. The month may have potential for drama but if you are armed with patience, understanding and a willingness to let things be, your relationship will have a smooth ride through August.

Blessings of calm and gentle flow,



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