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January 1, 2009

New Year 2009 - Abundance

I would like to wish you all a very happy 2009. May you enjoy increased abundance, including a wealth of peace and good health. ♥

I have photos of the New Year's table that I set up this evening for the ringing in of 2009. On my side of the family, the tradition is to put money into a jar when it rings midnight. Last year I bought a piggie bank especially for ringing in 2008 and he is with us again in 2009.

Some Photos

The piggie is in the center. He will get stuffed with bills when it rings midnight. Behind the pig is an ornament holder in the shape of the star, which represents self promotion. Hanging from the star is a gold Merkaba.

At the back feet of the pig: on the left a blue bag, and a pink one on the right. These are bags of assorted tumbled stones that I keep under our pillows at night.

At the front feet of the pig are gem spheres: on the left is Ruby Corundum which is my mate's soulstone. On the right is Sugilite which is my soulstone.

Under the nose of the piggie are money bags and miniature cash embellishments.

Here is a photo from the top:

In front of the money bags at the front of the table is a tall generator quartz crystal. There are miniature bottles of stones containing Tiger's Eye, Iolite, Aventurine and Garnet. Closest to the front is a pyramid of Green Aventurine.

To the left and right of the mini bottles are medallions. The one on the left has his totem animal on it and it is made of brass. Mine on the right is green jade and is my medallion and has one of my totem animals on it as well.

On the left and right I fanned out some oracle cards from one of my favorite decks for things that I would like to see prominent in this upcoming year.

On the left representing career path and receiving, cascading from top to bottom are: Beginnings, Abundance, Focus, Action, and Success.

On the right:

Representing relationships and giving, cascading from top to bottom are: Gratitude, Love, Joy, Miracles, and Healing.

I am looking forward to the changes that will be coming and hope for all of us that we will continue to be blessed with greatness. :)

Thank you for looking!

Warm thoughts, hugs and love.


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