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May 27, 2011

Is The "Dream Come True" Right In Front of You? - The Metta Mate

Have we all seen the movie, Forrest Gump? The main character, Forrest, falls in love with his childhood friend, Jenny. The story implies Jenny was involved in all sorts of intimate relationships over time with individuals other than Forrest. Through hurt and repeated rejection, Forrest never ceased to completely love and accept her.

Time after time, Jenny passed up the opportunity to have a relationship with the man she knew would love her and lift her through anything. This went on for most of her life. It was not until receiving news of a life-threatening event had emerged, that she became enlightened to what the components of a truly fulfilling and genuine loving relationship were.

In the course of my work, I have dealings with individuals who are aching to find a lasting and loving, intimate companion. They ask when this magical personality will come into their life. Surprisingly, it is commonly revealed there is already a suitor waiting and willing to sweep them away, except the potential recipient of this lovely and unexpected gift insists on being "Jenny."

I cannot help but to tilt my head to the side and ask this question with wonderment: For what reasons would a woman who is so eager for intimacy and companionship in her life stand in the face of it and then reject it? I hold hope that somewhere in the process of continuing to find the match she is looking for, perhaps Jenny would consider some things:

There is someone out there ready to give all their love to you. It is brushed off, tossed aside, and maybe tinkered with. Even when the admirer's heart feels abused, this soul is always seeing the very best of the woman they love. They wait. Without overstepping your boundaries they compromise their own values sometimes; all to hold on to the chance that someday you will come around to know their devotion and be pleased to have them as yours.

There is something about you so valuable, captivating and so worth loving; sometimes the admirer you reject will put their life on hold hoping for the good graces to finally rest beside them. With this blessing they will finally be allowed to love you freely and completely and be loved in return. The earnest spirit who loves you will endure your refusals for a long time. If you choose someone else, they are happy for you as long as you are happy.

Jenny may or may not say the words - he is physically not enough of this and too much of that. Hair, weight, height, career, fashion-sense and money; the worldly attributes which would make for great presentations do not all measure up to make him right for Jenny. His heart and soul, his kindness and compassion are overwhelmingly splendid and yet these qualities somehow become unjustly insignificant.

She cannot imagine taking a chance at possibly ruining the relationship she has with her best friend, and yet, any couple who claims to be successful with their relationship will cite their life-long partner and soulmate is without a doubt, their very best friend; by definition - always there for better or for worse. She insists the relationship will fail before it is given a chance to begin.

Her own imagination will not let her cross the boundary of having sex with the one being who is so passionate about all of her; possibly every moment spent with clothes off being explored and enveloped by pure love and raw lust may just be the best sex she could ever realize, only, somehow she is diminishing the possibility of an entirely new and powerful experience down to being awkward.

Not a single person, not even Jenny, has the power to control timing and circumstances to make love work how and when she wants it to. Not every Jenny will be open to surrendering her ego to accept her devotee as a lover. Each one of them feels so lonely or desperate to find love, while she makes demands to be loved on her terms. Love does not function in that fashion, no matter how much she wishes the laws to bend to her and make it so. She does not yet understand how love flows while she tries to piece together what love is.

If our desire for a soulmate is mindfully and intentionally invoked to manifest before us, it is with the practice of metta through which the miracle of true love will be delivered. The law works without failure. It is in this space of open-mindedness where the energy of love grows, thrives and empowers us.

The boundless well of love-energy is incredible and expansive, opulent and delightful beyond our wildest dreams when it is allowed to flow. It is the very essence of our power, our being, and our connection to the truth and to the Source. We know hunger, refreshment, sorrow, anger, jubilation and desire all because of the 'crazy little thing called Love'. The essence of every human being is driven by it. Allowing it to channel through us is how the world comes to witness the miracles manifested through its influence.

The wisdom I have been so grateful to receive and pass on is; to give love especially to those who express they have an abundance of love to give. A spirit who loves unconditionally and with such devotion is a gift created for each of us by the Divine Hand. The soul, who is so eager to share the whole of their heart with another person, is a soul who will subtly lead their lover to new paths of discovery. Together they can keep in the practice of living their true purpose. A person in practice with giving the gift of love is easy to love.

Yes, the qualities of a potential mate are critical to consider for each individual's long term happiness. Sometimes the chemistry is just not there. This is the challenge before Jenny in her quest to settle on a mate. Even if love is not tall enough or does not dress in the brand of clothing she expected it to, Jenny has been granted a magnificent gift.

It is so deeply seeded with intimate love and spiritual wealth, the remarkable bond and fulfillment that may come of it would last a lifetime if it were allowed to grow. Under the best of circumstances I would implore Jenny to take great care to re-evaluate which values she has designated as most important in her request for a pledged companion.

For the whole of the human order, and especially for each Jenny struggling to see through the illusion of physical and material love, there is much more to learn about loves other dimensions. If we can enjoy and accept the essence of a soul and its radiant energy which is overflowing with affection, we allow ourselves to sit at the heights of our greatness.

 Be blessed with love and kindness as your guides always,


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