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June 13, 2011

What Does a Soulmate Aura Look Like?

Will You and Your Soulmate Have the Same Aura Colors?

What is a soulmate aura and what does a soulmate aura look like? The soulmate aura comes up recently as a topic of interest with a request for answers. Here I offer insight about human auras to help answer questions about soulmate connections.

Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual histories are reflected in different layers of the aura. The states of health for each of these major areas are revealed in distinctive colors of the light spectrum to a person that can detect them. Colors of the human aura reflect the energies a person has been reciprocating with.

Aura readers observe the appearance of certain aura colors and their states. They cross-reference and compare colors between different aura layers. This allows aura readers to accurately make predictions for their querent.

Results of physical readings are often of little surprise to the querent since they themselves are aware of what they are doing physically to produce results in the physical world. As for the spiritual realm, unconscious behaviors and the presence and meaning of less obvious energies are usually the main focus in a psychic reading to predict the future.

As it applies to relationships and soulmates, the coming and going of relationships and the future path of a romantic relationship, an aura reader will observe energies in the heart layer and in the outer aura layers connected to the spiritual realm and report their findings.

The heart layer of the aura is called the Bridge Layer. This is where many aura readers see and read colors from. They compare the heart colors with the outer layer colors to project the future.

The Bridge Layer is where energies already present in the physical world begin to communicate with the metaphysical realms. Reciprocation of energies between the heart layer and latter, outer layers of the aura is thought to be the space where the vortex of manifestation is located.

Auras will extend and radiate further outward from the body when a person is in love or when a person experiences profound spiritual pleasure and well-being. To answer the question asked about what a soulmate aura is; it is an informal term used to describe a powerfully connected spiritual relationship between two people in love. It does not exist as a personal aura layer.

Will a soulmate have the same colors in their aura as you do? In a sense, yes they can. Energies of the heart and spirit are very magnetic. Similar aura colors may be the catalyst which can spark a romantic relationship. Souls who share the same major aura colors between each other are likely to exhibit very good chemistry for each other.

Having aura colors which are not the same as those of another person does not necessarily indicate incompatibility or if a person is or is not “the one”. At the beginning of a relationship, similarities in colors and patterns simply reflects a synchronization of unconscious intention and purpose.

Aura colors report the energy of an individual person’s ongoing, personal well-being and sense of purpose. Remember that aura colors can change and shift regularly for each individual. It is not a requirement to have same-colored auras between lovers to have a successful relationship.

Have you had your personal aura or the aura of your relationship read lately? If you are curious about the romance and would like to know heavy details, please feel free to contact me for a live aura reading.

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